Past events

  • “Tribes” solo show in Larisa and in Lamia Greece (February 2016 and September 2016).


“We should simplify our lives and go back to the basics”.

First steps in Primitivism.

The term characterizes the tendency of studying, imitating, discovering or re-evaluating the art of primitives.The concept of primitivism is linked to the search for a simpler way of life away from the worsening of the western countries and social constraints


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  • Primitve World” solo show in kalamaria (Thessaloniki) in Septemeber 2017.


 The artworks have textures and corrosion. The shapes are cracked and reborn on the canvas. The works have childhood innocence shielded in adult imagination with expressionist mood.



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  • “Land of Men” solo show in Larisa curated by Antigoni kapsali (May 2018)


The artworks borrow forms from prehistoric peoples. The work is composed of strong elements of western primitivism, while the sensitivity and intensity of color, line and texture is characteristic.




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  • Artworks in Public places




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  • Artworks in Private Gallery collection





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  • «Ancestral Stories» solo show in Artzone42 Gallery (October 2018) in Athens, curated by Domna Chanoumidou»
«The paintings by Stefanos Folina, with the intense color palette and the almost flat representations emerge from the primordial memory, ancestral stories. As frescoes early in caves, the artist skillfully creates imaginary worlds of primitive civilization that narrate in a simple but essential way that the primitive man imprinted with rough characteristics and natural materials to testify before even writing is such an instrument.
However, what raises reasonable questions and concerns is not the very choice of the subject of representation, but the fact that in the information age and the incredible range of technological means and their immediate availability, the artist chooses to look at the very distant past humanity and early culture, to make a big flash back to deepen into what perhaps modern man and especially contemporary artist often tends to forget about possibly chasing a future uncertain or just rationalizing the artistic nature itself. So he chooses to attribute the essence of human creative existence, free from ornate pictorial motifs, and stylistic tricks. It revives what was first-but not the primary material, but the primary emotion. The creative breath of a world of wild, almost unpopular. It extracts the need for expression as a survival instinct.

Because, behind the flat-faced icons on Fallina’s canvas, this statement is precisely the manifestation: the art in every appearance of it from the early years of mankind was and is initially an instinct, an inbred inner guide to the survival of the soul, its liberation, her. It is the need to deposit pure emotion before it passes through the neurons in the brain and rationalizes. And if he does more than anything else, Fallina with his painting is through the stories of the primitive people that portrays to attribute that pure sentiment. Take us to the caves of our ancestors and feel the artistic creation as a great need in a world without writing, very likely without language.
A series of ancestral stories so simple in their visual message, but so compelling on their essence and emotional content. A series of ancestral stories synonymous with the poetic mood of the human soul and its universality.»

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First Virtual Solo Show






Solo Show in Dublin

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Burl + Sprig rum company from Michigan USA have launched their latest product ‘The Fifth Element’ white Rum and commissioned artist Stefanos Folinas to design art work for the label.


Participation in ArtThessaloniki 2019 Art Fair with Govedarou Art Gallery



















«Στον ισόγειο χώρο του Μουσείου Τσιτσάνη παρουσιάζεται η εικαστική συνύπαρξη των ζωγράφων Αργυρούλας Σίμου και Στέφανου Φωλίνα . Οι δύο καλλιτέχνες πραγματοποιούν έναν εικαστικό διάλογο με θέμα τον άνθρωπο και τα συναισθήματα. Με διαφορετικά υλικά ο καθένας και με διαφορετική τεχνική και ύφος επιθυμούν να εκφράσουν μέσω της ζωγραφικής συνύπαρξης το μεγαλείο των ανθρώπινων συναισθημάτων».