Stefanos Folinas is a Greek artist living in Trikala, Greece. Over the past few years, he has successfully taught himself different painting methods. Through his work as cartographer and hints of abstraction, he was able to develop his primitive figurative art which is his primary focus.

Folinas’s paintings have an illustrative quality, full in movement and colours. Moreover, his work is characterised by these contrasts in colour, the texture of the materials, the darkness and the light. Incorporating sentiments of pain, protest and affirmation, this freedom of expression induces an emotional and expressive quality that mesmerises the viewer through an exaggerated and exciting space full of organic forms and shapes.

Folinas’s work consists of a unique combination of an abstract, figurative imagery and drawing which is executed with a perfect balance. He creates his art in a vigorously spontaneous manner therefore he is often guided by his emotions. Working primarily with acrylic, he lets himself be carried away within the lines, colour and form.

He loves the work of Jean Dubuffet, Georg Baselitz, Bacon Francis, Antoni Tapies, Agusti Puig, Pablo Picasso, Gerhard Richter.

He is a member of the «Trikala painting club», «Central Greece painting club» and “Thessaloniki Painting Club”.
Artist statement: “We should simplify our life and go back to the basics”

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